Emon Bijori girl urba Music

Update : 2014-10-15 12:21:10
Emon Bijori girl urba Music

Blood song, dance and acting. Shawkat Ali Emon and always tell it which one to choose urbana bijari Barkatullah girl. The songs are more likely to wrap him. Learned in school music. In piano, guitar, harmonium was sangitacarca playing.

The German Cultural Center and the American Embassy gave several occasions singing in English and Spanish urbana. British singer ayadelera 'Rolling In The Deep' studio singing the song he had video. Alif Alauddin styles fascinating musician wrote on his Facebook on October 13, after listening to my cousin singing voice urbanara closed! And is so extraordinary sang. Would not miss. "

Bijari banlaniujake, urbana was recorded two years ago. He is only 1 year of age. He is now a student of Delhi Public School in the ninth grade. Bijari said, 'O-Level and A-level music schools in California at the end of her desire to attend. Songs are actually drawn to him. "

Married 15 July 1995, Music Director Shawkat Ali Emon and actress liking Barkatullah bijari. 01 is at the end of their separation. Since then, with the mother is urbana.

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