Diti says " I will direct a TV play ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr"

Update : 2015-06-28 10:52:55
Diti says

Diti established herself as a powerful actress on the silver screen, shortly after her emergence on the scene. Of late, she has turned her attention to TV plays, and not too many people know that early in her career, the yesteryears Dhallywood heartthrob was a singer, she spoke about her professional life and other matters.

When was your first film released?

Diti: “Ami Ostad” (1985) was my first official release. However, I had earlier acted in the movie “Dak Diye Jai” under the direction of Udayan Chowdhury.

But you seem more focused on TV now ...

Diti: Yes. Three of my TV serials are now on air. Apart from this, shooting for three other series is underway.

You are also a TV director. Tell us about your latest project?

Diti: I last directed a one-hour play “Anubhobe Anukhone”. Soon, I will direct a TV play ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Have you opted out of the big screen completely?

Diti: No. Recently, I acted in the film “Ice-cream” directed by Redoan Rony. Shooting is over but dubbing is underway. Besides, I'm working in five-six other films.

Which medium are you most comfortable with?

Diti: I enjoy acting in films very much. A film artiste easily captures millions of hearts, which is tough for a small screen actor. An artiste can live in people's minds for years through a film.

How did you start your media career?

Diti: I started my career as a singer. In 1978, I won the National Award for a song. But now I cannot manage time for singing due to a full acting calendar.

How did you make the switch from singing to acting?

Diti: All credit for it goes to Al Mansur. He insisted on getting me to act. My first TV play was “Laily Majnu”, which remains special. And just like that, I transformed from being a singer into an actress. I have a vivid memory of my first appearance on screen.

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