Konal says " Eid is a special occasion of joy"

Update : 2015-06-28 10:50:30
Konal says

Konal has become a familiar name among music lovers of the country with her lovely voice and charming personality. But beyond the celebrity that she is, Konal has strong family ties, and Eid is a special occasion of joy for her.

Where do you usually have your iftar?

Konal: Mostly home. I don't enjoy having iftar outside, and unless I absolutely must, don't go out during that time.

What do you like for iftar?

Konal: While I do love anything spicy and deep-fried, I also have to take care of my health so I have to look away from them (laughs) … recently, fruit juices have been an integral part of my iftar.

It has become a trend recently to eat out at sehri time. Do you participate in that?

Konal: I don't, because of some family restrictions. I hear about my friends going all the time, and sometimes wonder what it's like, but I haven't had thechance to go.

Where do you usually spend your Eid?

Konal: It's a family tradition to spend the Eid day at our grandparents' home in Manikganj. All our aunts, uncles and cousins are there; it's very festive. I miss the times I would be there for three-four days for Eid; nowadays I often have to head to Dhaka because I have live shows the next day.

What's special about Eid for you?

Konal: I love giving gifts to all my near and dear ones, especially during Eid. Whenever I get some free time, I head out to shop for gifts. There's a great sense of connection to handpick gifts according to the choice of your close ones. And by the grace of Allah, I am blessed with love from everyone, and do get lots of gifts myself!

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