“Bhoyonkor Sundor” Bhabna opposite Parambrata

Update : 2015-06-27 11:44:38
“Bhoyonkor Sundor” Bhabna opposite Parambrata

Popular TV actress Bhabna is set to make her film debut with Tollywood heartthrob Parambrata. In a recent conversation , the celebrated artiste spoke about her cinematic adventure and a host of other subjects. Excerpts:

What occupies you at the moment?

Bhabna: I'm playing the role of Noyontara in the film “Bhoyonkor Sundor” opposite Parambrata. The film is directed by Animesh Aich.

Have you had to take any special preparation for the role?

Bhabna: Just before shooting began for the film, I stopped acting in TV plays, and audiences have not seen me on the small screen for over a year.

Tell us about your role in the film …

Bhabna: Noyontara is presented here as an innocent girl. In many respects, my life has parallels with the character.

Any memorable moments while shooting the film...

Bhabna: Most of the times we hung out during breaks in the shoot are etched in my memory. Shooting will begin again in August, and I can't wait.

Do you consider yourself more of a star than an actress?

Bhabna: I have always wanted to be an actress first.

How did you enter the world of showbiz?

Bhabna: Where I am today is solely because of my dedication to my profession. I didn't come here through any connections. I believe that no one can survive in this field without putting in good performances.

Your favourite TV actresses…

Bhabna: Suborna Mustafa, Bipasha Hayat, Jaya Ahsan and Tarin.

How do you spend your leisure time?

Bhabna: Watching movies or reading.

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