Ferdous highly acclaimed and gained enormous success

Update : 2015-06-25 11:01:17
Ferdous highly acclaimed and gained enormous success

A while back, the film audience of Bengal – Bangladesh and Kolkata - was introduced to a new face. It was of a man, who, in the movie, had a sweet hobby of collecting people's names and birthdays, and sending them birthday cards. This face would make a lasting impression on an audience always hungry for beautiful movies. That face belonged to none other than Ferdous Ahmed, and the movie was “Hothat Brishti”. Today, many years later, Ferdous is a name to be reckoned with. With sweet charms, princely looks and splendid roles in films, Ferdous is a seasoned actor who has made it big. This week, Star Showbiz zeroes in on Ferdous.

Basu Chatterjee, a veteran film director, came to Bangladesh in search of an actor for his joint venture film. It was to be a movie in collaboration with Kolkata and the Bangladesh. After much searching – when he was just about to give up – he was introduced to Ferdous Ahmed. Very few people know this, but Ferdous actually, by that time, had already taken part in two movies, which for some unfortunate reasons, never got released.

And that was the start for Ferdous. The movie swayed the audience of the two Bengals, and the limelight fell on him and a star was born.

Since then, Ferdous have been working in both Bangladeshi and Indian films, many of which are highly acclaimed and gained enormous success.

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