Hasin tells us herself

Update : 2015-06-21 12:14:29
 Hasin tells us herself

The gorgeous Hasin Roushan began her career as a model, but is now busy as an actress as well. She has her schedules packed ahead of Eid, but observes her fast as well. What is on Hasin's Ramadan plans? She tells us herself.

What's on your usual Iftar menu?

Hasin: Vegetables, some meat, paratha and biryani, but in very measured amounts. The most important component, though, is juice. I am okay with just juice iftar too.

What do you usually avoid for iftar?

Hasin: Anything deep-fried.

Has Ramadan changed since you got married?
Hasin: The one tradition I follow since my marriage is having the first iftar with the in-laws. I clear my schedules on the first of Ramadan, and this year was no different.

Do you ever dine out for sehri?
Hasin: Every Ramadan, I have at least three sehri's at Old Dhaka, usually with my husband and close friends. Sometimes we also go to restaurants near Gulshan that stay open that long. It's usually a lot of fun.

How busy are you with Eid plays?

Hasin: Around 10-12. I've finished shooting for eight already, and I'm very optimistic about some of them.

Any special plans for 'Chand Raat' (the eve of Eid)?

Hasin: Whatever I do, I make sure I go to the shopping malls on 'chand raat'. The festive hustle and bustle is quite an experience!

When do you usually begin shopping for Eid?

Hasin: I usually finish my Eid shopping a couple of months in advance (smiles) … I shop from here and also shop abroad if I get a chance.

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