Orchita Sporshia says “Even though I am not a make-up freak"

Update : 2015-06-20 11:22:40
    Orchita Sporshia says “Even though I am not a make-up freak

Orchita Sporshia has come a long way in show business with her dimpled smile, great acting and infectiously energetic persona. One of the most in-demand young stars of the small screen, she believes beauty is much more than skin-deep and offers some beauty tips to beat the monsoon humidity.

“For me beauty is a natural look, and cannot be defined by make-up. Although it's the monsoon--the harsh rays of the sun require a BB cream for protection. People who have oily skin should try and avoid moisturisers.”

“Unfortunately my own skin is very oily so I use a toner at night to keep it clean. One of the main ways to keep your skin looking good during the monsoon is to prevent oiliness. So I always keep a face wash or toner handy in my bag to remove the dirt off my face.”

“Sunburn can considerably damage one's skin. People who work in front of the camera, lights and sun should go to the beauty salon once a month to keep their skin smooth. It's more of a preventive step to keep it free from completely getting burned. After getting out of such beauty parlour sessions, I feel like I have come out of a washing machine (laughs).”

“Even though I am not a make-up freak, I have to apply it because of my profession. It is very important that one carries one's own make-up which should ideally be branded. No one should apply random make-up because our facial skin is very sensitive and low-quality make-up can cause rashes very easily at this time of the year.”

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