Riya Sen's hilarious...................... Dubsmash videos

Update : 2015-06-10 14:50:33
Riya Sen's hilarious...................... Dubsmash videos

The latest one to join the dub-wagon with a delightfully scary (you will know the reason for this oxymoron once you catch it) video is Riya Sen.

There's no denying that Dubsmash is a huge trend at the moment. From Hollywood to Bollywood, everyone's addicted to the app that lets you impersonate your favourite stars. Tollywood too, has taken to the app with actors Raj, Jeet, Mimi and Parno uploading funny videos of themselves. In keeping with the trend, the Family Album actress uploaded a couple of videos where she does everything from warning people from touching her hair to trying to teach people French!

Looks like Riya, in one of the selfie videos, is trying to make a point. The svelte actress' new bold avatar is strikingly sexy and adorable all at once! And the fact that with those doe-eyes, she tries to warn people with dire consequences, if they dare touch her hair, is howlarious, to say the least. While she impersonates Booke Candy in one, in another one, she takes on the role of FRIENDS' character Phoebe, trying to teach Joey Tribbiani some French.

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