In the worship Apu can't come to home

Update : 2014-10-01 02:03:27
In the worship Apu can't come to home

WikiLeaks apudera house of worship is now being held in abundance. Mother and brothers and sisters all waiting for, come home when her young daughter. But Apu to breath tonight. Hope to finish shooting the movie from Thailand Qatar on Friday. Apu is so not going to the BMW.

Tuesday morning talks with Entertainment Apu says, "Suddenly, I got an invitation to Qatar. As asked, do not tell. Mom was angry at all. Says, You are the gechisa another world. Forget about all gechisa family. Understanding of the consequences of not having a mother. Grandparents are the didirao flare. "

Apu says, during the religious worship of his mother ordered strict compliance with regulations.

"If the house had to abide by the rules. But now I know. 're All alone and do not know what to get. But it will come some day, but no one Pandal. "

Eid release of three films starring the APU counting moments. These Wakeel Ahmed 'best hero', Wazed Ali, Sumon 'Hitman' and Nazrul Islam Khan 'hard revenge.

Apu said, if necessary, at the end of the story 'pay' and 'mind Address' to change the movie's name has two' best hero 'and' hard revenge.

However, many of the movie will be released by the end of the Prophet's APU is not sure.

"Will be released in three movies together, I heard a whisper. She was going to fall, but when you have released all together. Different stories about each movie. Each visitor sees a new apuke movies.

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