which film hit in kalkata of the running year

Update : 2014-09-28 02:32:57
which film hit in kalkata of the running year

apu2013 Kolkata Bengali film was the turning point. Boss, dioyana, gangster has ruled Egypt with baksaaphise cutiye mystery, like a picture of mountains on the Moon. 013 Bengali baksaaphise really brought change. Let's take a look on the list of the best 014-second nation calaccitragulo

Antony Firangi jatismara life pictures. Mukherjee created in the image of the popular poster. Can be seen in a different look at the new year prasenajit jatismarera Chatterjee.
Apu Panchali
Missing from the picture of the picture of the child actors in Bengali ballad Apu. The black and white picture of the life of Apu kamalesbara Mukherjee Kaushik Ganguly made​​. In counterpoint, parno ally paramabrata Chattopadhyay.
Wild duck
Samaresh Majumdar Aniruddha Roychowdhury AWESOME pictures of wild duck. Different in the mountains of the moon shall peril. There srabanti contrast. Chakraborty is paired tanusri, Moonmoon Sen, Arindam Chakraborty, seals and sudipta.
The Mafia
The Bengal abundance. Excess of three Bengali director Raj Chakraborty has been covered with the Mafia. Has a lead role in the film will sahirera, ACP jit Roy, Sengupta chancer by Ali. Alia Starring Koel Mallick. Subhasrira number of items. Photo by music and Pritam Ganguly jit. Taliudera give the best bet, together jit. The mafia
Boss to
Pictures of 013 blockbuster sikyoyela boss to boss. Baba Yadav has directed thirteen films jit-subhasri fresh pair. Following the success of the fireworks from the boss to boss people putting.
Cursed nightie
Twilight Pictures blasted back through nightie prices birasa Pauline. Pauline paramabrata counterpoint, Chatterjee, Jesus senagupta, chancer Sengupta, tanusri Chakraborty, rahala, Priyanka government. Will have a cameo. Before release to the tension of the mercury peaked birasara pictures.
After photo of Boss and dioyana teroya coddoya luck with the Comedy jit ready to tri. No major film has all the lyrics in Kolkata after a long shooting. Raja Chanda Kannada film directed by Bengali film actor Jeet aindrita judgment is against. Government is failing. Kannada Bachchan Pictures bisnubardhanera covered. However, the main attraction is the photo Item number subhasrira.
Sujit Mandal AWESOME picture of nineteenth-century historian, Roy. From the first time the role of a warlike queen of the romantic age hiroinera labeled. Sengupta is a chancer, rahala Banerjee. For the character to ride a horse, quail asicalana learned. Produce joint Arundhati Venkatesh Films and Surinder.
Sudipta Chattopadhyay Koel Mallick film is paramabrata Chattopadhyay. Surinder Films, produced the film, Anupam Roy Music.
Three Paglu
I will return again to Shankara pagalute. And baksaaphise Paglu Paglu Paglu is going to be the key to success is that the fate of the three. Who matabena coddoya baksaaphisera Bengal?

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