Maggi Row...............

Update : 2015-06-09 11:24:42
Maggi Row...............

The aroma of the popular Indian snack 'poha' wafted across Twitter on the first weekend after Maggi noodles disappeared from the shelves and kitchens across the country over safety concerns. With jokes on #Maggi and #MaggiBan being overcooked, #Vishwa_poha_divas became the new serving on Twitter.

When Sunday breakfasts were completely Maggi-less, people resorted to different quick bites like poha, upma and idlis, which had for long been sidelined by snacks such as the two-minute noodles.

For the uninitiated, poha is a popular snack of flattened or flaked rice that is soaked and shallow fried with potato and carrot slices, coriander, peas, peanuts and other condiments. Garnishing poha with coconut powder and sev makes it more enticing when served with lemon slices or pickle.

Across central India, versions of poha vary, ranging from aloo-poha in the western belt to tarri-poha in eastern Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Here's what tweeples had to say about #Vishwa_Poha_Divas, like this user who preached about not crying over the #MaggiBan and finding "support" in poha.

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