Meet your favourite celebrities

Update : 2015-05-05 11:21:25
Meet your favourite celebrities

Artistes -- be on TV, concert stages or through their artwork -- reach out to us and become our favourite people, without any personal connection whatsoever. We know them through their volume of work, and the signature things that make them special. But beyond that, they are just like us; they have their own tastes and choices, funny anecdotes and inspirational moments. How often is it that we have wondered what these favourite personalities are behind what we see on the screen and on stage? What makes them tick, and what ticks them off?

Star Arts & Entertainment brings you the golden opportunity to meet your favourite personalities from the cultural fraternity up close and personal, and ask them what you've always wanted to. This month, acclaimed filmmaker Giasuddin Selim will join us, on May 10, at The Daily Star Centre, to meet you and answer your questions.

Drop us an e-mail with a brief note about yourself and your mobile number at [email protected] by 4pm, May 9, if you want to meet the filmmaker. We will choose 15 people who will get the opportunity to sit across the table with Giasuddin Selim, and engage in a lively conversation. The transcript of the conversation will be published in The Daily Star.

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