Update : 2015-05-03 10:57:17

Nipun, the National Film Award-winning actress, is a popular face on the silver screen, and also acts in TV plays occasionally. She also does modeling. The multi-talented artiste recently faced some quick questions from The Daily Star:

Nipun:By reading a newspaper.

Favourite moment of the day…

Nipun:Late into the night, in solitude.

If there was no love in the world, what would it be like?

Nipun:Sounds creepy. I cannot think of such a world.

What is your greatest fear?

Nipun:Of ghosts… but that was during my childhood.

How do you feel when you are near the sea?

Nipun:I just think about the vastness.

How would you rate Dhaka city?

Nipun:I love the city minus the traffic congestion.

Do you enjoy leisure when there is no shooting?

Nipun:I do.

What do you miss the most if you left home without it?

Nipun:My cell-phone.

What do you miss most from your childhood days?

Nipun:The carefree days and the games that we played with friends.

What does friendship mean to you?

Nipun:It means trust and only trust. The relationship cannot survive without this.

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