Suvo Kiss Mahiya Mahi

Update : 2014-10-01 00:51:45
Suvo Kiss Mahiya Mahi

Happy ariphina popular hero dhaliudera bikes going to continue. Suddenly came in front of the bike, another popular actress mahiya Mahi subhake hugged. Mahi subhake openly kissing lips increased. But just at that time, cut-cut "the director said, witless Safi Safi Uddin.

In fact the 'oyarnim' movie shooting conditions are made​​. The shooting of the movie in the end. Safi said the director of the film to be released in the upcoming Eid idei. There are two major models in romantic action film starring Mahi ariphina Happy and mahiya. Are more rubles, Misha merchant, Shimul Khan, Qazi hayat sanu Sheba. James sang the music in the film directed by Shawkat Ali depression Shafin Ahmed, Kona, Nancy, rupama, tasipha and Ruma.

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