Junaker alu will going to oscar

Update : 2014-09-26 02:33:44
Junaker alu will going to oscar

At a press conference on Thursday, according to the Oscar committee.

Emon was released on April 14 this year, the film starring Vidya Sinha koraiya meme and welfare.

30th September to 1st October, 013 of 014 released in sinemaguloke Oscar nominees were asked to take part in the process to send to. Condition, the auditorium will be displayed continuously for seven days. The must have English subtitles. However, the first film to show the youth should not be any television channel or online.

Tareq Masud, in 003 conducted the autopsy of the soil 'movie as the first Bangladeshi film debut Foreign Language Film category of Oscar nominees is sent. Long in the 005 'grassy shadows', in 006 Abu saiyidera 'timeless', in 007 Golam Rabbani revolution 'sbapnadanaya', in 008 Enamul Karim nirjharera 'O', 009 Golam Rabbani revolution 'outside the circle', 010 Wireless Sarwar Farooki's' Third Person Singular Number ', 011 Humayun Ahmed, Integrity is everything' and in 01 Mostafa Sarwar Farooki's' television 'movie has been sent to the Oscars as the representative of the movie.
Bangladesh president Oscar committee senior producer Habibur Rahman Khan. Shakib Khan is a member of the actors, actress Rokeya Prachi, kiddie director Shahidul Islam, Saiful Islam Chowdhury, Abu Musa Debu, Professor Abdus Selim, Shamim Akhtar, Reza Latif.

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